Unintelligent design

It's good to hear that reasonable people have ousted this ridiculous curriculum. "Intelligent design" is anything but intelligent. I've read through some of the arguments for this supposed science. All I can say is that it is not science. Call it religion, call it pseudo-science, call it whatever you want, but is most definitely not science. And as such, it has no place in a science class.

For a theory to be scientific, not only must there be evidence in support of it, but if contradictory evidence is found, you must reject, or at least modify the existing theory. This is how physics, chemistry, cellular biology, psychology, and all other sciences work. Theories, by their very nature, must be falsifiable. In other words, a theory is not legit unless it is possible (however unlikely) to prove that it is not true given the right information.

Intelligent design theory completely ignores this rule, because there is no way to prove that no intelligent beings designed our universe. If there was no intelligent being, how could we know? Can we be sure the universe would appear differently? How many different universes can you compare it too to prove it? The answer is obviously, we can't know and can't prove it.

Unfortunately, there appears no easy way put this bastardization of science to rest except for continued efforts by citizens such as the ones mentioned above. Don't give them an inch. Or else this Onion parody will be closer than you think.

Intelligent design is NOT science. It is religion masked in scientific jargon, nothing more.

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