Onward Ho!

Here's a book I'll have to read before too long. In an interview at Techstation Central, the author, Dr. Fogel, demonstrates his solid grasp of why humans are living longer and stronger today than they were 2 centuries ago. And has the data to back up his hypothesis.

It's all about the technology.

His massive historical analysis really followed life expectancy trends over the past couple centuries. He compares these trends with what was going on in society, such as massive immigration, urbanization, and technology innovation. For example, cities in the late 1800s had a lower life expectancies than rural areas, but innovations such as the automobile reduced pollutants like horse manure, so that people were able to live longer.

Its just great to see a scientist recognize the power of the mind to solve human problems. Unfortunately, Fogel doesn't extend this respect for intelligence to public policy, where he condones socialistic behavior.

But his points leave me feeling good about the future. As technological advances accelerate, so too will the quality of our lives. Not only can I expect huge medical and technological advances to occur before they matter to me, but my children may never know what all the fuss was about. Their lives will be one where most diseases have been cured or at least tempered by such an extent that it will be nothing to worry about.

I look forward to the future. Onward Ho!

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