American Idol predictions

Because my wife is a big American Idol fan, I've been watching the last couple seasons with her. This season, the first couple rounds have already commenced and I'm ready to make some predictions. I have two rounds of predictions, the four who will get voted off next week (leaving the top 12), and who will be the last 2 boys and last 2 girls still in the contest.

For the boys, next week is pretty difficult. Their all good singers and those that are less good at singing have some good looks and good stage performance to make up for it. Overall, I predict Will and Ace will be voted off. Kevin will also have a tough time, as he had the third lowest number of votes this week. But I believe he will turn it around and perform exceptionally next Tuesday, bumping him way up in the standings. Will and Ace have the pretty boy looks going for them, but that won't be enough next week.

For the girls, I predict Melissa and Katharine. Neither of them have been memorable. Of course if one of the other girls has an off night, they might get booted instead, but we can only wait and see.

As for the top two guys, its no contest. Chris and Elliot are by far the best two performers and singers. There is no question that they'll be around to the end.

The top two girls will be Paris and Mandisa. Lisa, the youngest girl, is really good vocally, but I don't think she's as good a performer.

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  1. You're way off.

    Paris will make it somewhat far, but Mandisa will be voted off in a week or two. America just doesn't prefer fat black women.