Evolution is fact

I've long been puzzled how people, some of whom are not Christians, still do not except evolution as a valid theory. Perhaps I need to spend more time listening to their questions, rather than trying to convince them. Yet the evidence seems so overwhelming that it is inescapable.

I am no biologist. In fact I have only taken one biology class in my life. But...I am observant of reality and am well read on scientific topics. I've actually taken the time to read Darwin's Origin of the Species, a feat that many biologists have not attempted. I used to subscribe to Scientific American. And currently subscribe to various science RSS feeds. From these readings (and more), I have determined that not only is evolution possible, but that it has moved beyond just a theory to become scientific fact. To deny evolution is to deny the observations from several scientific disciplines.

To clarify, evolution as scientific fact means that over time species evolve from one form into another, often with divergent paths. The specific mechanisms of evolution, however, are less than certain. The path to evolution change is still in the theory stage. But the fact that evolution takes place is agreed upon by biologists.
Here is the evidence:

1. The fossil records over thousands and millions of years show progressive changes in bone structures among various species (not just humans). That in and of itself should be enough evidence. But true to science, an observation is not sufficient. An understanding of "Why" evolution occurs is necessary to validate a theory as fact.

2. The results of these changing fossils are evident by the various species that exist today. This was the important observation that Darwin noted on his famous trip on the HMS Beagle. Species that were similar in almost every respect except for small adaptations were linked together through a common ancestory.

3. It has been readily observed that dog breeds all evolved from the wolf. Yet the vast differences in breeds - in shape, size, energy, behavior - has been accomplished through selective breeding. While this evolvotion of breeds was facilitated by humans, it is not difficult to imagine that wild animals may exhibit a similar transformation over longer periods of time and slower ecological changes.

4. The mechanisms for evolutionary adaptation is well known in genetics. Most parents are aware that their children have half of their own genes and half of the other parent's. Genetic combinations that produce offspring ill-equipted for handling their surroundings are likely to die before passing on their genetic material. For instances, if a certain species of birds feeds on nuts and the nut trees suddenly start producing super strong nuts. Only birds with a genetic trait of a super strong beak that can break through the nut, will survive, along with their geneticly strong beaked offspring. None of the other birds will be able to eat and the genetic trait for weaker beaks will go out of existence.

5. The observations of the breeding process and the understanding of genetics naturally give rise to the concept of natural selection. Through natural selection and natural genetic mutations, changes occur in species make up.

6. The creation of new species (speciation) has been observed numerous times. It is only a small step from realizing that new species can be created and realizing that fossil records show these changes in action, till one concludes that evolution must occur in at least some form.

This chain of logic and the sum of millions upon millions of observations from scientists and non-scientists alike, more than validates the concept of evolution as fact. Various religous theories to the contrary need not apply.

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