Goals for 2008

I've never been much of one to write new year resolutions. When this year I started to write them, it quickly turned into a list of goals. Here they are:


  1. Finish dissertation - I'm over half way there. My first essay is done and my second essay is well underway. I should finish that one within a month. The third essay should come quickly thereafter as I already have much of the ground work done. I want to have the rough drafts to the last two essays done and submitted to my chair, Dr. Byrd, by March 1.
  2. Find an academic position - I've made a valiant start by submitting applications to over 40 schools. There are however only a couple that I believe I have a good chance at landing a position - Eastern Illinois University and Towson University. I also have a strong potential at Texas A&M for a visiting position.
  3. Submit 6 articles for review - It will be hard but doable. I have my three dissertation essays and my at-large manuscript that should all be ready for submission with some work. I also have a couple ideas with my auction data from a year back. If I can complete all of these by December 31st, I'll be well on my way to tenure at most universities.
  4. Complete a thorough review of educational philosophies and sketch how to implement in the classroom - I've already started this through my blog articles here , here, and here. I plan on doing a bit more thorough of a review and writing up my results, most likely on my blog.
  5. Sign up and start the OAC program this coming fall.


  1. Review, consolidate, and adjust financial investments at least once a month
  2. Register and start LLC - I have a number of business ideas I would like to implement, including restarting my consulting business, restarting my real estate business, starting an publishing business (by attracting eyeballs to a website/blog with content I can provide through my knowledge in IT), among others. I would like take advantage of the greater tax savings available through business enterprises.
  3. Save enough to purchase a home. This must be reached by July of this year in time for our move to where I land a job.


  1. Start training for a sprint distance triathlon
  2. Start taking each child out for a afternoon of one-on-one time at least once a month
  3. Take Brenda out on a date at least once a month
  4. Don’t miss a single birthday of family and friends

Well, that's a good enough list for now. It'll surely keep me busy and focused.

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