Put up or shut up?

Here is a man who is willing to stand, and eat, by his arguments. Ari Armstrong claims that the amount of money provided with food stamps is more than enough for a healthy diet. "Armstrong, who previously spent a month eating for $2.57 per day... will spend February 4-10 eating a highly nutritious, low-carb diet for less than food stamps provide. (Now at $4.74 per day)" [Bold added.] This diet will consist of mostly meats, vegetables, and fruits. No filler foods like pasta, potatoes, Ramon noodles, or the like.

Mr. Armstrong also offers to help evaluate family meal plans (for the first 5 interested) to achieve this goal.

Now this is a man I can admire. He decided to put up when challenged on his beliefs. He also rightly notes that government subsides do violate our property rights...stealing from one person to give to another. But the ludicrous assumption that we are not stealing enough from one person to give to another person so that other person can eat enough to live...well, its just flat wrong.

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