Productivity in practice

I'm quite proud of my handiwork this past month. My biggest project was putting together my kids' playset. It all started one rainy afternoon, when the boxes arrived. The delivery guy gave us one box that was busted open, so step one of the process was inventory of every single board to ensure nothing was missing.

With the help of a neighbor and quality control testing from my kids, the frame was quickly put together.
About 500 screws, 100 bolts, and a few bruises later, it all came together. The end product should provide my kids with many years of entertainment.

I also put together my son's first bike and a wheelbarrow, both of which came disassemble.

I really enjoy the process of building stuff.
  • Changing the world to satisfy my values.
  • Using my hands and my mind to alter reality.
  • Having something to show for my work.
Practicing the virtue of productivity is very satisfying. I have a bunch of other projects lined up for the summer as well. It should be good times.
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