Research paper reviews

There is nothing so humbling as having your research reviewed by other academics. As a new PhD, I am still learning the ropes of writing quality research papers. While I understand the concepts involved, communicating those concepts with well structured papers is a learning process that I have not mastered yet.

And while there is some temptation to accept a lower quality journal for an outlet of my research, it would not push me to be the best writer that I can be. This is important for me, as I would like to master the writing part so that I may have a bigger impact with the research I have planned for the future. If I succumb to the temptation of writing with lower quality and accepting lower quality journals as a result, few people will read my research or take it seriously. Since one of my goals is to write papers utilizing and promoting the Objectivist philosophy, I do not want it to be marginalized. It will not do myself or the philosophy an favors.


  1. Admirable goals. Hang in there.

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