My first requested interview

Yesterday, I received two solicitations for interviews. Considering that no one has done this before, I was quite tickled. Apparently, a journalism professor requires his students to interview professors that have gone through the Academic Service-Learning Fellowship at EMU. I am one of those professors.

As I've stated before, ASL is a mixed bag of ideas. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about speaking to a journalism student about this experience in part because there is a real possibility that it may get published in the school's newspaper. When I speak, I speak my mind. If my views became public knowledge, it could make my experience at EMU...let's just say interesting. Considering that I have a full plate already, I really do not need the extra distractions.

However, I reconsidered. I realized that the truth about ASL should not be hidden just because it might inconvenience me a bit. If I cannot be proud of my beliefs and willing to stand by them, then by default the wrong ideas will be perpetuated. This does not mean I will be antagonistic. In fact, I will be very careful in how I choose my words so as to respect the other faculty involved. I do still have to work with them after all. But I can still speak strongly against the elements in ASL that should not be part of our education. And this I will do.

Even if these interviews never see the light of day, speaking to the students will be good practice and may - just may - help that student to see things a bit more objectively.

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