Textbook on the Introduction to Information Systems

As I mentioned previously, I expect to gain extra time from improving efficiency and gain time after I complete re-writing my Intro to Information Systems class.  With this time and interest, one project I would like to tackle in a few years is to write a textbook that captures and facilitates teaching this class that objectively identifies the principles used in designing, building, and using information systems. Essentially, I expect for my goal to evolve from one of building my ideal course into one of capitalizing on that work. 

By considering how to capitalize on my intellectual property, I have started to recognize the necessity for marketing this class to other professors and publishers.  Besides exciting me to work harder on my immediate goal, it has prompted me to write up some of my thinking for publication and conference proceedings.  When a colleague of mine suggested writing an article for a track in Innovative Education he is chairing next year at the national DSI conference, I immediately considered writing a manuscript that argues for this new approach in Intro IS classes.  I may do the same for other conferences aimed directly at IS academics, such as AMCIS or ICIS and various regional conferences.  I will also attempt to publish this approach and any objective measures of success in relevant journals.  By demonstrating the logic and practicality of this approach, I expect to create demand for something that does not yet exist, but will.

I would also like to thank Adam Reed for recognizing the value in this approach to teaching Information Systems, for inspiration by writing his own course based on these ideas, and for his offer to collaborate on a textbook.  His excitement has in part helped me to refocus my efforts for long term success.

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