Connections - Kant to Hilter

I have enjoyed a number of shows from an older British TV program called Connections.  Recently, I watched a very interesting episode titled "Deja Vu".  In it, the narrator outlines the historically influence of Kant on Hitler through environmentalism.  Humboldt, greatly influenced by Kant, started the environmental movement after traveling throughout South America and the Caribbean.   Humboldt's ideas were mashed with Darwin's theories to argue for supreme human genetics.

While certainly the connections displayed in this show are often weak if not nebulous (as I believe these may have been), it was good to see even that weak connection between Kant and Hilter.  Peikoff so eloquently demonstrates in the Ominous Parallels, that the connection runs much, much deeper.

Update: According to commenter Tom, I changed Humbert's name to Humbolt (thanks Tom).


  1. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Ernst Haeckel?


  2. From the description on Wikipedia, I do not think it was Haeckel.

  3. Probably it's Alexander von Humbolt. I have a book by Aaron Sachs called 'The Humbolt Current: 19th Century Exploration & the Roots of Americxan Environmentalism.' Haven't yet read it, though.

  4. Humbolt sounds about right. After a quick search I found Humbolt listed as the father of American Environmentalism, exactly how James Burke referred to him.

    Thanks Tom.

  5. I think you mean "Alexander von Humboldt". Please change it once more.