New Year Goals

As part of my 5 year goals, I have some goals to focus my attention this year.

For my career, I'm redesigning my Introduction to Information Systems class based on a hierarchy of knowledge. That will take up the bulk of my time this semester, but once complete, should greatly enhance my textbook project down the road.

I also plan on expanding on the research stream in business ethics by conducting one or two more surveys with the ethical instrument I've already developed, along with additional constructs.

In home life, we are still adapting to 3 children in the house and all the consequences that it entails.  Our budget is a bit constrained because our two oldest will both be attending a Montessori school this spring.  Hopefully, our son is accepted into a charter school this coming fall, alleviating some of our financial strain.  In the meantime, my wife wants to go back to school for either a law degree or a masters in economics.  Additional income will be very nice, so I may look into starting a web based business this summer for some additional passive income.  We may also invest in real estate.  With these options in mind, I would like to start at least 1 part-time business this summer.

My wife and I are also looking into ways to both start working out more.  It'll probably have to be something we can do from home because the logistics of getting to a gym or rec center seem to be halting workout progress.  Something more than just running or biking, because I want a more well round workout. 

I think those goals will be more than sufficient to keep me occupied for at least 6 months this year. 

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