Family update

I haven't posted any pictures of family lately, so here's one with me and the three kids (and our dog).

Things are good.  My two oldest are best friends spend hours every day playing with each other.  They are both taking swimming lessons and progressing well.  The 4-year old is enjoying his Montessori school where he is learning to read and write, learning his numbers (up to 29 by himself, and up to 100 with help), and plans on inventing the first train that can go into space.  My 3-year old daughter is also enjoying the Montessori school.  She's starting to learn phonics and greatly improving her hand-eye coordination well enough to trace letters.  Her teacher calls her the perfect student - always finishing her projects, always helpful, and always respectful of the teacher and other students.  My soon to be 1-year old is developing his little personality, walking, loving real food, and just a bundle of joy.
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