ObamaCare is Medical Malpractice

I am completely and unequivocally against the health care bill.  The government already accounts for 50% of the medical payments through Medicare and Medicaid.  If there is a problem with health care today, why look further than the single largest payer? 

Gus van Horn made a great observation:
If more people held the view that knowledge is integrated, and all of it is ultimately based on the facts of (objective) reality, we would, furthermore, have near-rioting by now by a public well aware that if this is how Congress wants to run our medical sector, this is also how it will ultimately make our health decisions for us...
Fight this bill.  End it here before our health care is completely corrupted by Congress.  Doctors, not congress, should be the final arbitrators on what procedures are best for their patients.  Anything less is medical malpractice.  Congressmen and women are not doctors.  They should stay completely out of the health care decision-making.

For more excellent coverage on philosophic, economic, and practical problems with ObamaCare, I fully endorse the writings at We Stand FIRM, run by doctor Paul Hsieh.

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