Summer projects

With 3 days of classes left, its about time I start considering my plans for the summer.  I have 2 months off before classes resume, and I would like to complete a few things in the interim.  I'm trying really hard not give myself deadlines and ultimatums as to what I "have" to do.  Rather, this summer, I will create a list of prioritized projects that I can work on in order.  I have not prioritized the list yet, cause I would like to do a bit more reflection and get my wife's input for the projects around the house, so here is the list of projects in no particular order.

For home:

  • Paint our bedroom
  • Decorate our bedroom
  • Stain the deck
  • Build a bench for the deck
  • Build a head board for our bed
  • Build a planter
  • Build a shoe organizer
  • Build closet organizer for the boy's room
  • Clean and re-organize the garage
  • Take out the bush on the side of the house
  • Organize and conduct a garage sale
  • Plant bushes along side of deck
  • Plant red maple in front yard
  • Organize exercise room in basement
  • Update master bathroom
For work
  • Finish hierarchy of knowledge article
  • Create proposal for hybrid web development class (half online/half in-class) 
  • Edit curriculum for Intro to IS class and Systems Analysis and Design class
  • Brainstorm research project for measuring conceptual understanding in classes
  • Hammer out details for my ethics research project  
  • Brainstorm productivity enhancing practices to test in the fall

For self and family

  • Create detailed financial plan
  • Update blog
  • Create wife's birthday present (its a secret, so don't ask)
  • Finish re-reading Atlas Shrugged
  • Finish reading Harry Potter books
  • Develop system for paying bills and handling paperwork
  • Fix/Update all computers/printers/etc in our house
  • Develop a workout schedule 

I know that there is little chance I'll complete all of these projects this summer.  That's why I taking the GTD approach of focusing on prioritized projects.   My goal is to give myself time blocks to work on particular areas (house work/ research/ teaching/ personal development/ playing with kids/ etc) and strive to complete as much as I can during those blocks.  This approach has generally worked well for me in the past, although I have not been keeping up with this approach recently.

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