Vacation in St. Louis

Our trip to St. Louis was tons of fun. There are lots of kid friendly adventures in and around the city. Below is the photo montage of our trip.

St. Louis Arch - great for a morning adventure, but security getting into the Arch is similar to taking an airplane. The wait for the tram to the top was long and boring for the kids. Might want to get there early.
The family farm - Lots of fun watching my kids exploring the same barn, tractors, fields, and gardens that I explored as a kid. 
The City Museum - Expensive and difficult to manage unless kids are older or have at least the same number of parents as kids - but it is a BLAST. There are floors and floors of exploration. Not so much a museum as a rooms of climbing, running, crawling, and sliding equipment. The first floor has a set of caves that kids can get lost in about .3 seconds. Deep in the caves, there are stairs that climb 10 stories for a slide back down. On the roof is a Ferris wheel and a whole host of fun carnival rides. In good weather days, you climb on Monstrosity - the set of stairs, slides, airplanes suspended 60 feet above your head, and ... and... and... it keeps going on.

Transportation Museum - A favorite of all kids. Lots of trains, a couple boats, several airplanes, and a building with old fashioned cars. 2 trains to ride - a 1/3 scale locomotive and a full scale electric street car.  My wife says this train reminds her of the Taggart Comet, from Atlas Shrugged.
Grant's Farm - basically, a free petting zoo sponsored by Anheuser Busch, which - and this is the best part for adults - means free samples of beer! The kids love it though.
Missouri Botanical Gardens - we went to see the DinoQuest exhibit, but it was must a bust because it cost extra to see these dinosaurs. But since the Dinosaurs didn't move like at the Detroit Zoo, we were a bit underwhelmed. The kids were not that interested in the plants, so the day ended early when my eldest pushed my middle child in to a fountain.


  1. no zoo or science center? There is also the Magic House!

  2. True Paul! But unfortunately, we did not visit those places on our last trip. We would have done the zoo, but parking was so bad that day (the Friday before the 4th of July), that we skipped it and went to the Children's museum instead.