In memory of my grandmother

This morning my screen saver posted an image of my late grandmother that made me think of her. She has been gone for a year now and I still miss her.  She was the sweetest person I have ever met by a long shot. Every time I visited her house, she was the most gracious host, always smiling, always polite, and always curious about our lives and our successes.  Her infectious good spirit cheered everyone's heart.  Not once in my life did I see her get mad or raise her voice, even with the teasing of my grandpa or the rambunctiousness of her boys (and sometimes her grandchildren :). 
She was never disingenuous.  When she expressed interest in our lives (even the lives of us grandchildren when we were only 10 or 15 years old), we could tell she really found value in what we had to say or show her.  She would try our new TV shows - she would laugh at our jokes - she would cheers us on as we pursued our dreams.  

One of my favorite memories of her was at Christmas about 10 years ago, after a few drinks (one of the few times I saw her drink), she accidental bumped the wind chime above her sink.  She giggled and tapped it again and said "Oh, that sounds so pretty."  It was precisely this enjoyment in the little things in life that allowed her to be the special woman she was.
My heart nearly broke watching her body slowly degenerate from vibrant, lively woman I remember.  I, the 6 foot 6 inch giant towering over my grandmother who shrunk to under 5 feet in her final years, would have to bend almost in half to give her a hug that was always requested when I came for a visit.

Now that she is gone, I want to carry on her appreciation of life.  If I can apply her joy in the little things, I can honor her better than anything else I may do.  Grandma, this is for you! 

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