Kid update

Things around the home are going well.  In school, my eldest started Kindergarten at South Arbor Charter Academy.  He's loving it there.  Every day he has fun projects to show us.  Yesterday, he loved his music class so much, he said and I quote "It blew my mind!"  He's also started soccer and enjoying it much more this year than last.  His first game is this Saturday.

My middle child is still attending Greenhouse Montessori, but is now in the older classroom for 3+.  On the weekend, she's taking dance class, learning ballet and tap.  Sometimes its hard to tell what here interests are as she plays with her big brother so much.  Is it really something she likes or just something that her brother likes that she thinks might be kinda interesting?  Those two do love playing together and will often be gone for an hour or two playing before we see them again.  Mom and Dad must be too boring.

My youngest is rapidly approaching 18 months of age.  Still waiting for him to start talking more.  Most likely it will come in a flood when it hits.  He understands tons of stuff and always, always wants to know the name of things.  He's fascinated with any mechanical thing that moves - cars, trucks, planes, trains, bikes, etc.  He also seems to be getting over his jealousy a bit.  For the past couple months, he's been trying to push his older brother and sister off of our laps any time they sat there.  It was as if mommy's and daddy's lap were his.  After a few crying fits, he's starting get that he is not the boss of our laps.

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