A break from work

Sometimes, no matter how much self-discipline you have, you just have to take a break from work.  That happened to me on Wednesday, during our snow day.  The pseudo-blizzard kept me at home.  While I could have worked all day from home, I couldn't, no matter how hard I tried, motivate myself to work.  I discovered I need a recovery day.  A fun day of just playing with the kids and playing some games.

This happens to me every so often.  If I'm pushing hard for several weeks, I need to take a day off and do nothing.  Lately, our weekends have been busier.  Not crazy busy, as it'll get this spring and summer, but busy enough not to recover completely from a highly productive week.  So I took a day of rest and relaxation in the middle of the week, rather than working from home.  Now, I'm ready to push ahead again today.  Ready, set, GO!

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  1. I took a day off from work today so I could do school work. Student school work. Not teacher school work. Being a student is much more fun.