Weekly goals

Oy!  I did a horrible job keeping up with my goals last week.  I like to push myself, but sometimes things come up, I can't get motivated, or I run out of steam.  In this case, I think its a matter dividing my list of tasks.  I have the list I write here and a list I keep on my phone.  Since I hate duplicating my lists, I have to refer to both, which often leads to me forgetting one or the other.  Looks like I may have to re-think how to stay organized.

Essential goals:

  • Re-think how to manage to-do lists.
  • Prep for classes
  • Prep for the Global IT club alumni panel
  • Follow-up on articles
  • Follow-up on research funds
  • Advertise baby stuff for sale - Craigslist, GLO members, and neighbor group
  • Calculate financial plan for moving
Stretch goals:
  • Keep editing next article
  • Request quote from PODS
  • Paint Thomas's room
  • Paint bathroom trim
  • Finish painting basement
  • Brainstorm on long-term financial plan (integrated with my own and my wife's long term goals)

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