Weekly goals

Winter break - so no class preps this week.  At least, nothing eminent. I still need to finish previewing my ASP.NET book, write a couple assignments and complete the final project expectations.

Friday will be a work around the house day.  Hopeful, the weather will be warm enough to do lots of painting.

Essential goals:

  • Work through Chapters 4-7 of ASP.NET book
  • Resubmit ethics article
  • Submit Alt Solution article
  • Outline changes to Online Auction selection article
  • Complete FRF recommendations for Dean
  • Patch the paint in Family room
Stretch goals:
  • Complete painting of basement, boy's room, doors, and trim
  • Complete changes to Online Auction selection article
  • Write assignments 8-10 for IS606

I doubt the weather will be warm enough, but I'd like to clean the hot tub as soon as it is.  I want to get as much use out of it as we can before we move.


  1. Winter break? Aren't other schools a week away from Spring break? What sort of schedule you guys on?

  2. Its too darn cold to call it Spring break, so I call it Winter break. We are in the middle of our semester just like everyone else.

  3. That's funny. So if Spring Breakers head to the beach and drink tequila, what do winter breakers do?

  4. I guess sledding and snow boarding. Then drink tequila, beer, or whatever else is alcoholic.