Objectivist Round-up

Welcome to the May 26, 2011 edition of The Objectivist Round Up.  In this edition we have thirteen wonderful posts by lovers of Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism.  The fire and passion of these posters remind of this quote from Rand:
"Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swaps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it's yours." ~ Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
Without further ado, here are the posts:
Scott Connery presents My Personal Trip to Atheism posted at Rational Public Radio, saying, "This is my story about the long and often painful process that I went through when I decided to become an Atheist. I'm trying to share the "it gets better" message about abandoning faith."

C.W. presents Japan, Disasters Natural and Economic posted at Krazy Economy, saying, "We are seeing a nation that could have been great fall apart. Its failure of knowledge and its dependence on government are leading it to a man made disaster."

Jeff Meek presents The Distraction of Gun Control posted at Rational Public Radio, saying, "I take issue with Scott's "The Objectivist Position on Gun Control". His evaluation totally misses the point and drops the context. Read the two articles, (the original is linked at the bottom), and weigh in on who you think is right."

Rachel Miner presents Norman Rockwell posted at The Playful Spirit, saying, "I share some favorite paintings from the traveling Norman Rockwell exhibit."

Diana Hsieh presents For Sale: Podcast on Finding Good Prospects for Romance and Friendship posted at NoodleFood, saying, "My awesome 90-minute podcast on finding good prospects for romance and friendship is still available for sale, now for $25. Don't miss out on this opportunity to extract the most social value from the upcoming Objectivist conferences!"

Scott Connery presents Oregon Supreme Court Rules Medical Marijuana Users Can Still Carry Guns posted at Rational Public Radio, saying, "Even though this decision is largely symbolic (it's still illegal to use marijuana even for medicinal purposes, and marijuana users are still prohibited from buying guns) I think this ruling is a great step in the right direction."

Gene Palmisano presents Misnomer of the Day posted at The Metaphysical Lunch, saying, "Setting the record straight one misnomer at a time."

Edward Cline presents On Planet Obama posted at The Rule of Reason, saying, "One sometimes wonders what planet President Barack Obama lives on. It must be that mythical doppelganger of Earth that revolves unseen by us on the exact opposite side of the Sun. There, he can address a gathering in the State Department about an incredible vision of an Israel that is peacefully embraced on all sides by a benign Palestinian state whose government and citizens bear no grudge against Israel – an incredible vision of “coexistence” which nonetheless everyone believes is possible. There, in that mythical Palestine, Muslims win most of the Nobel Prizes in science and medicine, and Muslims read accounts of how Muslims discovered America and landed men on the moon."

Benjamin Skipper presents Sympathize with Me: Only You Feel Your Emotions posted at Musing Aloud, saying, "As real as intense emotions feel it's easy to assume other people can sense them too, but such an assumption can lead to destructive behavior. Only you can feel your emotions, and while it's reasonable to desire other people help you with your problems ultimately you have to take the first and most important steps towards resolution."

Julia Campbell presents herbed top sirloin with sautéed radishes posted at the crankin' kitchen!, saying, "For that perfect spring meal, try this grilled herbed top sirloin steak and sautéed radishes and leeks."

Stephen Bourque presents A Dirty Word posted at One Reality, saying, "In case there were any lingering thoughts that the 'Gingrich Revolution' of 1994 signaled anything revolutionary about the man himself, Mr. Gingrich wishes to reassure us that he is fundamentally a compromising milquetoast--which is to say, he is a suitable Republican candidate."

Scott Connery presents Does Solar Power Math Add up to an Alternative Energy Solution? posted at Rational Public Radio, saying, "Obama is pledging 737 million dollars to aid the construction of a new solar plant. Has anyone looked at the math behind this? Can this plant produce enough energy per acre or per dollar to be a real solution? Does anyone in D.C. even care about the facts of reality?"

Earl Parson presents Feeling Like My Old Self Again posted at Creatures of Prometheus, saying, "Personal musings on returning to normalcy after a prolonged period of struggle and depression. I think this is one of my finest bits of writing in quite a while."

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