In 2003, I met Brenda for a drink at a bar.  There was instant chemistry, which quickly led to a budding romance.  Ever since then, we have been through a lot, sharing a major life event in 7 of the last 8 years:
2004 - Engaged - Married - Moved to Alabama
2005 - Eldest child born
2006 - Middle child born 
2007 - Moved to Louisiana
2008 - Moved to Michigan
2009 - Youngest child born
2010 - Nothing happened 
2011 - Moving to North Carolina

Through it all, we have built our relationship stronger than ever with trust, support, companionship, and an immense pride in each other.  She is my one and only.  And on this day, I celebrate our anniversary.  

I love you, Brenda!!!

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