What I learned from Power Rangers

Over the past couple months, my two oldest kids have been obsessed with Power Rangers.  Little did I know, there are over 20 seasons worth of Power Rangers available on Netflix streaming.  And my kids are determined to see every last episode.  While they have been watching, I have overheard more than I cared to hear, but I've observed a few things about the shows that seem worthy of sharing (in no particular order):

1) Evil really is quite ridiculous.
2) When surrounded by a bunch of bad guys, knowing some kung fu can help you kick their butts!
3) The good is worth fighting for.
4) The battle for good is sometimes a long fight.
5) You don't need a large budget show to impress 4 and 5 year olds.
6) If you misplace your priorities, the good suffers and evil triumphs.
7) Friends are important for fighting evil.
8) It doesn't matter what color your friends are (blue, green, black, pink, etc.).
9) When evil seems larger than life, you can match it with your own larger-than-life tricks (my personal favorite is logic).
10) Mean people suck.

With lessons like these, I have no problems letting my kids watch the show - all 20 seasons of this show.


  1. What's funny is that your kids want to see every episode of a 20 season series and mine just wants to watch the same 30 minute Thomas episode over and over. I think it's his OCD -- he won't rest until he (thinks he) has memorized the entire script.

  2. We've already gone through the stage of watching the same video 3000 times. Its not OCD, but a normal toddler stage of development.