Smart phones - Not just for workouts anymore

So this is nothing new to everyone with smart phones, but I absolutely love how the phone integrates with every part of my life.  Entertainment, productivity, relaxation, communication, shopping, organization, navigation, and - workouts.  I found this great app called Endomondo that tracks my GPS position while I go for bike rides (I could use if for any sport if I wanted too).  I just start the app, throw the phone in my bike bag, and starting pedaling.  Ever few seconds, it plots my position and the length of time it took me to travel to that position so that I have an accurate record of my entire trip.  The data is saved to Endomondo's web site so that I can review the trip when complete.  It correlates my location with road maps and topographical maps so that I can assess speeds on hills, going around corners, stop lights, and what not.

After my latest ride, I uploaded my workout to Facebook then went inside to review it.  I was shocked to discover that my fastest mile was almost 55 minutes after I started.  While I remember that mile as being fast, I didn't think it would compete with my first few miles when I was fresh and hitting some higher gears.  Its just awesome that I can do this.  I wish I had this technology back in college when I was training for triathlons.  Of course, I may start training again.  And now with tools to get the most out of my workouts! 

You gotta love today's technology and our industrial progress.

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