Objective understanding

While listening to Piekoff's Understanding Objectivism, it occured to me that an application may be able to help individuals to think through - chew - ideas and place them within a conceptual hierarchy. I've seen several applications that allow modeling of ideas. What I envision is a three dimensional model - two dimensions representing the knowledge hierarchy, the third dimension filed with concrete examples related to individual concepts.

For these concrete examples to be useful, an individual should attempt to build concepts inductively. In other words, various examples should delineate the essential characteristics of a concept. They should also be defined so as to delineate this concept from related ideas.

There may be even a fourth dimension that connects relational ideas together - such as honesty and truthfulness. While they are not synonymous, they are related. A further link to tie this relationship together could add a further dimension to this modeling software.

Any thoughts?

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