A Christmas Poem

Here's a little Christmas poem I wrote a couple years ago. I hope you all enjoy.
Christmas Poem
By John Drake

It’s wintertime! It’s Christmas time!
Ho, Ho, Ho to all.
It’s time to make a Christmas rhyme
So let’s get on the ball.

For on Christmas day, we gather round
At the foot of our tree
To see what presents can be found
And open gifts - you see.

The joy of family and friends we seek
From which the season springs.
The kids promise they will not peek
At the toys that Santa brings.

The wreaths are made from Douglas fir
The candles dance all night
The smell of pine we do concur
Makes the mood just right.

The house is decorated to its full extent
The Crystal and china look great
Glitter and candy canes drive excitement.
The kids can hardly wait.

With turkey and stuffing and potatoes and rolls
Topped with a bottle of wine
Mashed and creamed and cooked into bowls
The guests are ready to dine

The table is filled with laughter and cheer
As jokes and stories are told
About their adventures over the previous year
From which their memories still hold

Just when the food begins to set
Out come the cookies and fudge
No one can leave the table just yet
Our favorites we must judge

With dinner complete, our butts we lift
And gather round the tree
For there is piled a load of gifts
Is one of them for me?

In searching for gifts, the children glow
As the adults gather round
The gifts are wrapped in ribbons and bows
Nothing is left unfound.

Then one by one, the paper sails
Half way across the floor
Tearing open the gifts, it never fails,
Is anything but a bore

With a hoot and a holler and giggles galore
Everyone is delighted to see
The presents they received is far, far more
Than they imagined it’d be

Puzzles and books, new toys and games,
A sweater, tie, and ornament
Music and tools, plants and picture frames,
And for sports, equipment.

As we admire our brand new property,
Let’s show some thankfulness
Our country was founded on life and liberty,
And the pursuit of happiness

For without these freedoms we all enjoy
Christmas would not exist
No one could afford a brand new toy
And Santa would have no list

So give thanks to all the freedoms won
And to those who keep it so.
Embrace the splendors and all the fun
And feel free to blow your dough.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Excellent John. Have you tried to get it published? It's definately that quality in my book.

  2. Merry Christmas!

  3. Mike,
    Thanks. I'll look into it.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. John - that is one wonderful poem! It really captures the anticipation of Christmas, and is a great reminder of the Christmas of childhood.

    Thanks for posting - and I hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas!