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During the Winter semester, student groups enrolled in my web development class will design and build web sites for non-profit organizations and small businesses as an ASL project. Because this is an introductory web development class, only web sites that are more informational in nature will be considered. I do not expect that many students (if any at all) will be able to handle any complex, data driven web development.

The process:
If your organization's web project is in alignment with student skills, it will be added to a list of potential projects. Student groups will then contact potential organizations and decide if the project is a good fit (organizations have the same option if they are not comfortable with a group of students). Once selected however, students must use a specific methodology that ensures that the project meets the organization's expectations. It is my job to make sure they have the skills to make it a success.

Another caveat - although not a requirement, I've found that student proximity to the organization usually facilitates higher quality products due to face-to-face interactions resulting in better communication. If you are not located in southeast Michigan area (near Detroit and/or Ann Arbor areas), be aware of the potential problems this entails.

Contact me at john.drake(at)emich.edu or at 734.487.2454 if interested.

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