Why do I write?

The following set of posts are edited notes from the Writing Across the Curriculum workshop I recently completed.

Why do I write?
My writing usually consists of 3 goals. 
1. To publish my thoughts and/or research about a topic of interest
2.For clarity or to receive feedback from other friends on my thinking
3.To advice and/or instruct others

Do I enjoy writing?
Yes!!!  Considering I was not a strong writer in high school or college (more math oriented), its surprising that today I enjoy the process of writing so much.  But I attribute that to my realization that it helps me think through problems.  The process of writing forces me to articulate my thoughts in a systematic way.

What makes writing fun and/or challenging?
The challenging parts to writing are my lack of skills at quickly writing something well.  I did not receive the type of training in writing that I wish I could have had.  So grammatical mistakes often plague my early drafts.  When I’m done with drafts, I often want to publish before I completely edit my work.  Unfortunately, poorly edited writing does me no favors.

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