Weekly goals

Okay, so why am I posting these publicly?  Basically, I'm hoping all my readers will keep me focused and honest.  If a stretch goal keeps showing up, week after week, but never progresses, PLEASE encourage me to do something about it.

This week's goals

  1. Update IS 215 syllabus and schedule
  2. Update IS 247 syllabus and schedule
  3. Update eCompanion for new semester
  4. Review and update research plan and prioritization
  5. Set up article revision plan for both the JBE article and the JISE article

Stretch goals:
  1. Complete JISE revisions
  2. Find new executive for Global IT club
  3. Gather data on student majors in our classes
  4. Review and purchase a book on HTML 5
  5. Plan "Monopoly night" at our house
  6. Clear to-do list


  1. Oh I love the idea of a Monopoly night! For kids, adults, or both? Either way, that sounds like lots of fun. Might have to steal the idea... :o)

  2. Jenn,
    It should be fun. My original thought was for adults in our Objectivist group. Thomas may be old enough to enjoy it. The other two... not so sure, although they would both want to play.