Year goals

This year will be devoted to 3 primary goals.

1. For my career, renew my emphasis on research.  I have 5 unfinished articles sitting on my computer and will do everything in my power to submit one per month.  For the next 5 months, I will devote at least 16 hours a week to research, preferably 20+.  Unfortunately, I have not put enough emphasis on this area in the past couple years, so its time to renew my effort and focus.  I will also start at least 1 new ethics research project with collaborators.  This will help me to catch up on the first of my 5 year goals.  I may also start encouraging more undergrads and grads to work collaboratively on research projects.

2. Capital accumulation.  I will review our family budget and find ways to save as much money as possible for the next year, at minimum.  My goal, to build our savings to at least 20% of my base salary by year end.

3.  Develop a self-reflection system.  While it is easy to say I want one, establishing the self-discipline to make it happen will be much, much tougher.  So, I may experiment for the first few weeks to see what works and what doesn't until I find something that is practical for me.  I may also focus the self-reflection on just the productiveness habits first to minimize my scope and help to achieve one of my 5 year goals.

I may also add one other major goal for the next  6 months, but I'm still waiting for something before I proceed.  Can't say more about it at this point.

Although improving my health is important, I'm not quite sure what explicit goal I have for the coming year in this area.  Certainly, I will continue to work-out in some form or fashion, but I will have to give this area more thought.

I also want to work on passive income opportunities, but again, I have nothing explicit at this point and will not likely find one until later in the year.  So I'm putting this one on hold as well, especially until we have more capital to work with (see goal 2).


  1. I know Elvis said "always leave them wanting more," but come on! Give us some topics or titles to the research . Inquiring minds want to know.

    As for passive income, have your kids write a pop tune and make Justin Bieber record it. That should be good for a hundred grand a year.

  2. One potential research project will look at a ethical decision making model developed by Russ Robbins and apply a quantitative survey to verify the qualitative results obtained in the original research. The ultimate goal will be to understand and enhance decision support systems to facilitate ethical decision making.

    Another potential research project will evaluate ethical perspectives used in protecting one's privacy online. The basic premise is that the ethical foundation one brings to misuse and abuse of personal information will lead to different strategies and behaviors in how one views and responds to privacy violations.

    I know Phineas and Ferb did it. Perhaps our kids could as well.