Weekly goals

Last week went well.  I completed all of my essential goals and half of my stretch goals.


  1. Finish writing details for IS 247 (web development) class project
  2. Review and edit IS 247 class on HTML introduction
  3. Review IS 215 lecture on the history of computing, part 2
  4. Call for and chair curriculum meeting to discuss spring, summer, and fall schedule
  5. Revise and resubmit ethics article
  6. Cancel cable and phone service (we're  moving 100% online for all entertainment and phone services) after the Auburn game tonight.  War Eagle!
  7. Review the habit of ambitiousness

Stretch goals:

  1. Gather data on student majors in our classes
  2. Review and purchase a book on HTML 5
  3. Revise and submit online auction alternatives article to Journal of Electronic Commerce Research
  4. Request input on online auction selection and bid article

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