Weekly goals

Last week, I did not complete all of my essential goals... very sad.  But, they will be avenged :)  Some of my stretch goals have been tabled till later.

Essential goals:
  1. I will finish my ethics article.  I made great progress last week, but did not complete the revisions necessary for publication.  I'm behind schedule, but I'm working on a plan to get caught back up.
  2. I will also complete my budget cutting.  While calling about canceling cable and phone services, Comcast gave me some options to consider about how best to save money.  I've thought about them and will call back this week.  
  3. I will also review car insurance options.
  4. The regular class preps for IS 247 and IS 215.
  5. Clear paper work off of my desk.
  6. Make a little announcement to the world
  7. Think and write about the habit of efficaciousness.  I ran out of time last week, but I was going to write a post on passion and ambition, but that'll have to wait.  This week is all about "The systematic pursuit of the knowledge and skills necessary to produce desired effects"
Stretch goals:
  1. Start recruiting alumni for Global IT club alumni panel
  2. Schedule a massage (thanks Brenda!)
  3. Research information resource evaluation literature and outline changes to article.
  4. Pack up toys to donate
  5. Finish decluttering our room
  6. Begin selling Pack-n-play, co-sleeper, and crib.  Anybody want to buy them?  They're in good condition and at bargain prices!


  1. Your parents weren't military were they? USAA is by far the cheapest insurance but you've gotta be an officer or an officer's kid.

    As for Comcast, you could always bribe a tech to open up your channels. ;) But that would be unethical. My bad.

  2. Nope, they weren't military.

    Yep, that would be unethical. And in all honesty, we could do with a little less channels to choose from, not more.

  3. "make a little announcement to the world?" You know how to keep us guessing! Obviously your not having another baby or you wouldn't be selling the "pack n play". . . Looking forward to that!

  4. You are correct Jeff. It is not another baby. I may have mentioned this to you back in November, but its official now, just need to tell certain stakeholders first before I make it public. Should come in the next day or two.