Skills to improve

Overall, I've had a good history of self-improvement.  I am always developing new skills and knowledge to improve my ability to solve problems.  One of the reasons why I love the field of IT so much is because of its continuous change challenging me to keep relevant.

Lately, I have been pondering how to better spread ideas through publication of articles, books, web sites, lectures, and more.  To do so effectively, I need better writing and speaking skills.  Unfortunately, I have not pursued improvement in these skills systematically.  These may become two new goals for this year.  Toastmasters may be a useful means of enhancing my speaking skills.  I may also start video taping my lectures and watching them for ideas on how to improve.  In writing, I may review some books I have on non-fiction writing.  I have also contemplated doing a study on the writing skill difference between articles in top-tier journals and mid-tier journals - with some hopeful take-aways to improving my own writing.

If I am to meet my goal of 20% improvement in productivity by 2015, I need to improve the activities I do the most, namely writing and speaking.

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