Weekly goals

Well, my weekly goals from last week did not pan out the way I hoped.  Rather than staying focused like I should have, I agreed to teach a class of a faculty member who went on sick leave.  When I first agreed, I thought it would not require much preparation since this is the graduate version of an undergraduate class I'm already teaching this semester.  Once I made it too class, I realize that the student have already purchased a textbook different than the one I wanted to use.  Well, we'll see.  So, I didn't finish my ethics article, nor call the cable company back.  I also decided to wait on my little announcement in order to tell more friends first.  But I did complete 4 of my stretch goals.  So it was a productive week overall.

This week:

  1. Start outlining changes to information resource evaluation article (applying Objective principles)
  2. Complete revisions to ethical instrument article - send to co-authors.
  3. Prep for classes - 215, 247, and now 606
  4. Call auto ins. to change policy
  5. Call Comcast to change services
  6. Contact Frank Fields about rentals 
  7. Contemplate and write about purposefulness - if I keep this up, I may have to consider turning this all into a book.
Stretch goals:
  1. Brainstorm survey for ethical judgments in IT
  2. Install Visual Studio 2010 on office computer
  3. Finish de-cluttering our bedroom
  4. Pack up 1/2 of the kids toys
  5. Contact and setup a visit with our realtor
  6. Continue to try to sell/donate baby stuff
  7. Re-pack items in old boxes
Oh, by the way, our little announcement, in case the goals didn't give it away, is that we are moving this summer, to North Carolina.  More details to follow.


  1. Congrats on your move! We'll practically be neighbors! :o) What part of North Carolina?

  2. Thanks Jenn. We're moving to Greenville, NC. So still 8 hours from Atlanta, but only a couple hours from OBX.

  3. Another university gig?

  4. Yup! East Carolina University

  5. UM used to play ECU every year. Not sure why. Just know it was an easy win. But that's when UM was good.