Efficaciousness and 5 year goals

Part of the challenge with defining 5 year goals is that we are not stagnate.  We continuously improve our knowledge and capabilities.  So when defining those goals, we have to keep in mind that our skills will improve over time, allowing us to accomplish more 3 years from now than we can now.  Especially, if we systematically attempt to improve our skills during that time.

And we should systematically attempt to improve the skills necessary to accomplish our 5 year goals.  If a goal is that important to our life that we are willing to devote 5 years worth of work, then logically we should also attempt to do everything in our power to improve our capabilities in successfully achieving that goal.  That includes improving one's skills and knowledge over that time.

For my 5 year goals, I want to work on my scholarship, my teaching, and my productivity.  The first two require improvement in my writing and speaking skills, hence my desire to work on those skills.  I am also reading many books on the history of information systems, to build my knowledge and improve my classes.


  1. Great points. It's always rewarding to look back at things that once seemed impossible that you now do without even thinking about them.

  2. Absolutely Jeff. But going forward, we can hopefully see that less and less seems impossible because we have gained the capabilities to grow and meet each challenge.