Atlas Shrugged the movie

I plan on being there, in the theaters on April 15th, when this movie releases.   It will be low budget; so no fancy graphics, no epic scenery, little too no action.  My guess, it will be mostly drama driven by dialog.   In an interview with the director, it seemed as if he had a basic understanding of the philosophy.  Certainly not perfect, but what Hollywood directory would?

Will it be good? My expectations: I hold out hope that it will be reasonably good, but I see three dangers.  First, the production of this film was independent and rather rushed, so there is a danger that the film will be a snoozer due to poor editing, weak actors, and/or a mediocre director.  Second, there is a danger that the ideas will be butchered.  Well, more an expectation that some of the ideas will be butchered.  Just not sure how grotesquely so.  Third, the film may also focus too much on the love triangle between Dagny, Hank, and Francisco, rather than the heroism of those characters.  IF the film can overcome these dangers, I think I will be pleased, given whatever other faults the film contains.

The trailer should be out later today.  Take a peak and let me know what you think.

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