Weekly goals

Not the most productive week last week.  I failed to achieve quite a few of my goals, both essential and stretch goals.  I had major motivation problems all week.  Emotionally, I just couldn't get myself pumped up to finish the work I needed to do.  Hopefully, that feeling is past because I want to push ahead this week.

Essential items:
  • Prep for classes
  • Write exam review for 247
  • Complete "Alt Solution" article
  • Follow up with co-authors
  • Brainstorm ways to spend research funds
  • Advertise stuff for sale
  • Write on living consciously.  Forgot to write on a habit last week.  

Stretch goals:
  • Review investments
  • Start building ASP.NET apps
  • Brainstorm homework assignments for 606
  • Edit quizzes for 215
  • Follow up with realitors
  • Conduct lit review for IR evaluations and IT ethics paper.
  • Pack another box of toys.


  1. Good luck. If you don't do all the essential items and half the stretch goals, then your weak. :)

  2. Well, I certainly don't want to be weak, so I guess I should get working. Already marked off one essential and one stretch goal. How's that for a start?