Purpose beyond work

Its important to add purpose beyond just work.  While I don't always publicly talk about it, I do have goals and objectives for maintaining or enhancing my relationships with family and friends.

For my kids, one goal I have is to dedicate my full attention to them one a regular basis.  When I come home from work, until they go to bed, I try not to let much get in the way from talking and playing with them.  On the weekends, I hurry to finish my to-do list so that we can play together in the afternoons.  And while this goal is not very measurable, it is very important for me to build a positive relationship with my kids.  I do this in part by focusing on positive discipline, rather than the traditional reward/punishment model of parenting.

For friends, I dedicate time to spend exclusively with them.  Whether its inviting them over to our house for dinner and games, or meeting them at parks, events, or GLO meetings.  If they live far away, I make an effort to call, email, or chat with them on Facebook occasionally just to see how they are doing.  As with my kids, I have no measurable goals for my friends as our interactions are usually focused on just enjoying each other's time, but I do keep a generic goal of maintaining the friendships.

When it comes to these types of goals, measurement may not be possible, unless of course I discover a happiness meter.  Or maybe a joyfulness meter.  Until then, I will do what I can to keep my friends, build those relationships worth building, and enjoy the results.

P.S.  Not to forget my wonderful wife.  My goals with her are similar to above, but far more intense. :)


  1. I think if you just take the Suck-o-meter in those commercials and invert the poles you'll have your happiness meter.

  2. That's a great idea! You should patent it. If not, do you mind if I do?