Weekly goals

Almost forgot to write this today.  I got wrapped up with work the second I walked in the door and just now (2 hours later) realized that I forgot.

Last week was very productive.  I submitted an article for review, resubmitted an article under revision, celebrated my son's birthday, showed our house to potential buyers, completed writing a survey (ready to administer this week), mapped out the remainder of the semester, sold our co-sleeper, starting selling our cribs (though many people didn't reply to our emails, so we will try again), and played Risk with my buddy Dave over xBox.  Let's see if I can keep up the pace!


  • Prep for IS 215 
  • Write final exams
  • Grade assignments
  • Start editing online auction decisions article
  • Deploy ethics survey
  • Advertise cribs
  • Administer evaluations


  • Review IS 315 syllabus for Spring semester
  • Review textbooks for IS 315
  • Create grading rubric for 247 and 606 projects
  • Review financial plan
  • Clean and declutter garage

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