Yep - I'm on track

I've started using ActionComplete for the Web and Android to much success.  ActionComplete complements the Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity methodology.  In this app, I have created tags for all of my major career and personal goals.  I try to tag every project, activity, and idea with at least 1 tag.  This provides me with a means to quickly review my goals to determine what I am currently doing to accomplish them.  Because I had some down time between prepping for class and lunch, I did a quick review to see how well my day-to-day activities match these goals.  Here's where I'm at:

My three career goals:

  • Improve productivity - Only 1 project currently, focusing on improving my writing skills, with associated activities.  Because writing has a big impact on my research goal, its a great syntheses project.
  • Research - 9 current projects (3 active) and consuming most of my time.  In part, my overemphasis on this area is because I'm playing catch up.  But I'm starting to get where I want to be... which is good.
  • Instructional excellence - 3 projects - 1 dealing with my current class, 1 pushing me toward advanced skills, and 1 for class this fall.

Personal goals:

  • Home maintenance - There always seems to be something here and will probably stay that way as long as I live in a home. 
  • Financial independence - Long-term, I would like to achieve a state of passive income that allows me and my family to enjoy life without major financial limits.  I have a couple projects in the works now (like selling our house) and some larger ideas that I may try to implement in a few years (like writing books or starting businesses).  
  • Build relationships - While my relationships are important for me, I don't currently have a project or many activities designed specifically for this.  Generally, I treat this as an ongoing habit, so there is nothing big I want to accomplish at the moment.  But I may want to brainstorm projects and activities that help facilitate relationship building, especially after we move.
  • Health - Again, no current projects.  I try to eat well and workout occasionally, but I have no major projects and only occasional activities marked in my to-do list.  I've considered running in a 5k or training until I can break a 6:00 mile, but nothing definitive yet.  I hope to add some emphasis back in this area after we move.
  • Personal happiness - Basically, my everything else list.  While all of my other goals bring me personal happiness, this tag is applied for any other project or activity that I enjoy. Our move to NC meets this category quite well.  
What a great way to live consciously!

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