Research update

While I did not keep the pace of article submission I had originally hoped over the spring, I did make significant progress.  

  • I currently have 3 articles under review, with a fourth ready to submit today.
  • I have two articles that I am editing and should submit for review before I move in July. 
  • A coauthor is editing a seventh article .  The article is ambitious and geared toward perhaps one of the most prestigious journals in management, Academy of Management Review.  So my coauthors and I want to take our time and do it right.  While I am hopeful we can complete it this fall, I am willing to work on it however long it takes to prepare it for submission.
  • An eighth research project has data collected.  Hopefully, one of my coauthors will have time to analyze the data this summer as I have too much else on my plate at the moment.
  • And I just started brainstorming a ninth project with a new research partner.  Our tentative title is "Do CIOs care about ethics?"  This one would be another ambitious project, aiming for the top journal in our discipline, MIS Quarterly, so our timeline requires at least 2 to 3 years.
The hard part for me will be not pursuing all of the billion other project ideas I have floating around in my head.  Perhaps if I could find more collaborators and research partners, I would take on more projects, but I have been guilty in the past with not completing research projects (like my dissertation, which I finished sufficiently to graduate, but not well enough for submission to a journal) before moving on to new projects.  I will not make that mistake again.  If someone is interested in collaborating, here are some ideas that I would be interested in:

"How does a person's ethical perspective impact his or her response to privacy violations/ approach to online transactions/ group dynamics/ evaluation of IS resources/ etc.?"
"Are businessmen aware of their implicit ethical beliefs?"
"How does a student's implicit ethical perspective impact their participation and success in class?"

Decision making:
"How do individuals parse through large search results in order to make effective decisions?"
"What impact do explicit and implicit beliefs (especially ethical beliefs) have on the identification of alternative solutions to a problem?"

"What order of presentation is most effective for meaningful learning of MIS concepts?"
"What understanding of MIS concepts do students have upon entering an Intro to MIS class?"
"How Academic Service Learning introduces a false alternative?"

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