North Carolina - Here we come!

My wife, kids, and I are bound for Greenville, NC.  Our plan is to make this our last move for a very, very long time.  Its been an absolutely hectic 7 years and we're ready to settle down permanently.

With my new position at East Carolina University (ECU) as an Assistant Professor of Information Systems, I plan to make good on my dream job location that first captured my attention a few years ago. When I completed my PhD in 2008, ECU was hiring and I applied.  Of all the schools hiring that year, ECU was tops on my list of places to work.  Great colleagues.  Good IS program.  Near the coast.  Near my one of my best friends.  In a medium sized college town with lots of cultural activities.  Great state history.  Near enough to a larger metropolis (Raleigh) for everything we need that's not in Greenville (not much).  Only a half day's drive from the mountains for white water rafting, skiing, mountain biking, or just relaxing in a cabin.  Unfortunately in 2008, ECU had the opportunity to hire two amazing candidates instead of myself.  But three years later, they called me up to say they were still interested in me.  So here we go!

North Carolina is a beautiful state.  We are so excited to be moving to our new home.  My plans... to make my department, ECU, and NC proud to have me.  Not for their sake, but for my own.


  1. Tonight I will tip my glass of port to a safe move, mild winters, and tenure.

  2. So excited for all of you! Welcome to the South. Hope we can see each other occasionally! :D