What will the Fall bring?

With the move complete and the boxes mostly unpacked, its time to start thinking about what to do this Fall.  My home office is mostly organized and, shortly, my work office will be ready for action.  With the right tools and determination, my goals will become accomplishments that I can talk about this Christmas.

Here are the things I will accomplish at work:
1.  Submit AMR article on Alternative solution selection
2.  Complete Data Governance and Ethics research plan/proposal
3.  Have a smaller research project designed for off time
4.  Have designed and executed a web development/ e-commerce curriculum
5.  Build friendships/networks within ECU and Greenville/Raleigh business community.

1.  Develop and execute a workout regime that I enjoy, improves my overall fitness, and reduces my aches and pains.  Find a triathlon to complete next spring.
2.  Decide on the top 3-5 subdivisions/areas to purchase a home
3.  Establish productive habits for continuous improvements
4.  Complete the outline and write first 3 chapters of my book
5.  Redefine and execute my investment strategy/financial plan
6.  Reduce the amount of TV/movies watched to less than 5 hours per week
7.  Depending on budget, enroll each child in at least 1 extra curricular activity
8.  Write will

That sounds like a respectable start for the fall.  It should be a good time!

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