Designing web content for any device

After reading how you can build rich mobile apps with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, and then reading about how to create devise agnostic design patterns for web sites on multiple screen sizes, it got me to wondering if there could be some general patterns to these designs that would work for both traditional web sites AND for a corresponding mobile apps.  Essentially, a single design pattern that works across ALL web enabled devices of different sizes, different ratios, different OS, and different browsers, including apps, from now into the near future.  Now that would be powerful, IF it can be accomplished.  Which it probably already has.  I just don't know about it yet. 

This realization lead me to the conclusion that I have a lot to learn about the latest in web development technology.  Perhaps one of my summer projects will be digging deeply into advanced techniques for web and mobile app development.  I have several projects in mind, so it may be useful to combine my projects with my knowledge development. 

A priortized list of knowledge to discover:
  • Advanced PHP
  • CMS - WordPress, Joomla, and/or Drupal
  • HTML5
  • Mobile app development
If I can get through all of these topics (which is no guarentee), I will look into designing content for any device.  Maybe there is a research project in there???


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  3. I was looking this kind of post from long.. Thanks for sharing..God bless!!