Two great podcasts

Over the past month, I have started to listen to two great podcasts - Internet Business Mastery and Smart Passive Income.  Both deal with building website businesses, with slightly different foci, but with great content.  What I love about these two podcasts is their integrated discussions of web technologies and business.  That's right up my alley.  In fact, I see a confluence in my teaching, research, and financial goals.  Awesome.  My brain is swimming with ideas.  All I need now is to execute.

Next actions:
  1. Complete business plan
  2. Review business plan with Master mind group
  3. Complete training concept map
  4. Review concept map with other professionals
  5. Research search keywords and domain names that match my business idea
  6. Buy domain name and hosting service
  7. Buy high quality microphone
  8. Build site
  9. Record killer training videos
  10. Post videos
  11. Market like crazy
  12. Build more killer content
  13. Repeat 9-12

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