Research maniac

I've been on a tear with my research lately.  Since last semester ended, I have one article published, 2 under review and 2 more almost ready for submission.  At the rate this is going, I'll have completed my goal of 5 journal publications by the end of this year.  I also have 2 other articles in the pipeline that I'll hopefully complete in the next few months.  I'll have to work them in between what's coming next...
I'm starting two new research projects.  One will be on adoption and assimilation of Electronic Health Records.  It'll be a case study of various hospitals looking at the depth and breadth of EHR acceptance and usage by medical personnel.  The second, also a case study, will be looking at social media success and failure in engaging stakeholders. 

I'm new to case studies, but find the method to be better suited for my personallty.  Why didn't I do this more in graduate school?   One of my strengths is the ability to integrate large amounts of information and make sense of it all.  That was in part how I was able to discover my central purpose in life.  Now I want to apply those skills to research.  I'm finding lots of great resources, including one of my collaborators, Paul Schwager, who has done some case studies before.  I'm also reading the classic case study manual called Case Study Research: Design and Methods by Robert Yin.  I also discovered a great resource in another ECU faculty member who does tons of qualitative research.  

The way things are looking, I'll have my hands full for the summer and fall.  With any luck though, I can move quickly and accomplish the existing and new research effectively. 

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