At the edge of sanity

There is nothing like overwhelming yourself in order to stay focused.  My current major project count is at 15, although, to be fair, 2 are on hold and 7 of them are waiting on others to complete their parts.  I also have numerous minor projects.

I am at my best when I don't have time to screw around.  When I hit that edge - where I feel like I have just a bit too much on my plate - but not way too much - I am at my best.  I am far more productive, engaged, and loving life.  I get much better at delegating and I get much better at solving problems quickly.  Tonight, I joking posted to facebook, that after three glasses of wine, I had to return student emails, fix a database, write a blog post, do some research, read a book on HTML5, and then go to bed (currently doing the blog post thing, in case you're wondering).  And you know what, I'm rocking through it all.

Finding the Flow can help you reach new heights.

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