Year in review

Overall, a boring year.  No kids were born, no multi-state moves, no getting married, no new PhD programs, no new jobs.  But we had fun this year none-the-less.  We had regular things, like GLO, dinners with Alex, driving kids to school, working out, and what not.  Here's the rest:

  • Started my semester teaching our department's capstone class and End-user computing 
  • Thomas and Tara started swim lessons
  • I started a major change to my End-user computing course
  • More of the same.  
  • We all got sick right before GLO kids event, so we missed it, unfortunately.
  • This was our most boring month.

  • Participated in the IT career fair at EMU
  • Parent teacher conference for both Thomas and Tara
  • Took a tour of Menlo Innovations
  • Completed the departmental program review, started in 2009
  • Started doing P90X workouts

  • My Parent's visited
  • Celebrated my youngest son's 1st birthday
  • Hit on the concept of value-dense living
  • Finals and semester end
  • Participated in Writing Across the Curriculum Fellowship
  • Submitted an article on business ethics

  • Started Spring semester teaching 2 courses in programming in C# and in web development
  • Participated in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conference where I hosted a workshop on blogging in the classroom


  • Held a Garage sale.  A lot of work for not much reward.  Not sure we want to do that again. 
  • Hosted GLO Kids and had a blast. 
  • Painted our bedroom
  • Stained our deck
  • I painted 3 pictures for my wife's birthday present

  • Worked on my pedagogical article on meaningful learning
  • Parents visit again
  • Celebrated my son's 5th birthday
  • Vacation to OBX.  Meet Rational Jenn and her family.  Got to spend time with a good friend from high school, Dave Emigh, and his family.

  • Semester started back up.  I taught End-user computing and Systems Analysis and Design.
  • Thomas started Kindergarten at his new school.
  • Thomas started soccer
  • Tara started dance
  • Submitted and approved a design for a hybrid course for web development - half online and half in class instruction.
  • Had lunch with Craig Lahti whom I hadn't seen since high school, but living near Detroit. 

  • Attended a conference in Atlanta for AIS student chapters
  • Joined the AIS student chapter advisory board
  • Saw the Greenfield Village Halloween special
  • Had a 30 minute meeting with the CIO of Borders
  • Submitted article on meaningful learning versus active learning
  • Built my first piece of furniture - a magazine rack

  • Had Craig Lahti and his family over for dinner.
  • Visited family and friends in St. Louis for Thanksgiving.  
  • I attend an academic conference (DSI) in San Diego (although it wasn't as warm and pleasant as I had hoped for).
  • Participated in an Academic Service Learning panel discussion.

  • Received a revise and resubmit notice for both my pedagogical article and my ethics article - WooHoo!
  • My parents visited for the 3rd time this year. 
  • Celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday. 
  • Had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.
I didn't quite meet all my new year goals for last January.  I was able to meet the first one in redesigning my intro to IS class.  Instead of conducting another business ethics survey, I decided to write an article in pedagogy, so I don't consider my second goal incomplete, just re-directed.  I was not able to start a part time business this past summer as I had originally intended, but it is still on my radar.  The money we were considering investing in a rental property was diverted to buying a new vehicle for my wife.  I did start trying a new workout program, P90X, but I'm not 100% satisfied with it and may try CrossFit and/or Body by Science this coming year.  

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