Victim punches car jacker

While I don't necessary advocate confronting a thug, this recent news story made me laugh.
The Eastern Michigan University Police Department is investigating an attempt carjacking that occurred this evening at approximately 9:11 p.m.

The incident occurred in the Oakwood South Commuter Lot. The victim, an EMU student, entered her vehicle and noticed a male in the backseat. The male demanded her keys and threatened to harm her if she didn’t give them to her. The victim punched the suspect in the face, and then fled her vehicle. The suspect fled in an unknown direction. The victim injured her hand during the incident. [Bold mine]
You go girl!

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  1. Thank you. Such stories are inspiring.

    One puzzle: If the carjacker was in the backseat and she was in the front, how did she manage to punch him in the face?

    Perhaps he leaned over the front seats. Or perhaps she was placing something into the back seat.

    Against someone coming from behind, martial arts instructors might recommend a right elbow strike to the nose as superior to a fist-strike, but her quick move worked!